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— by rob rob
Alright Daryl, this is the hand from earlier when we were at the same table.

Villain is 18/11 over 300 ish hands. No reliable ft3b stats, MP opening range looks to be about 20% (pretty standard I think).

My thoughts at the time were:

1) His range to flat the 3bet is probably fairly wide, as seems to be the case at 10nl. I guess he's got something like 88-QQ, occasionally smaller PPs, AQ, AT-AJs, AT-AJo sometimes, KQs, KQo sometimes. I think he can have KK+ and AK sometimes, but generally he's just 4betting those hands. I think he 4bets JJ-QQ sometimes, but flats them a decent %.

2) On the flop I'm happy to bet and get it in. If I get check-raised I obviously expect to see 99 / QQ a lot but he can also have KQ and some spaz-hands. I think it's pretty close...

3) The turn is obviously gross because KQ gets there. He instantly jams which I think is totally weird and I honestly had no idea why he would ever take that line. My logic was that his made hands would surely just let me barrel again, as the board is hardly scary if he has any 2pair+ hand. However it's also really, really hard to put any bluffs in his range to XC the flop and it's also really hard to see him shoving any worse hand for value. So it's a fold, but I'm confused as hell.