Week 5

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Week 5

Last week's goals:

Hand volume: >10k hands

Mental game tasks: Finish Mental Game of Poker 2 audiobook
Done - definitely worth a read / listen

Video tasks: Watch There Will be Homework episode 7
Almost done - got a bit left to watch this week

Hand history / review tasks:
1) Join another poker forum (maybe RunItOnce)
2) Post > 2 hands to forums
3) Go through my session video with Daryl

Strategy tasks: Increase my exploititative adjustments
Got really familiar with my basic strategy and now want to pick some spots to tweak that (e.g. cold-calling wider IP versus bad players, 3betting more versus people with high Ft3b)
Done. Started flatting wider IP and going to focus on that some more this week.

This week's goals:

Hand volume: >12.5k hands

Table volume: Try adding two tables by end of week

Mental game tasks: Re-listen to MGOP 1 audiobook, bookmark points which I need to actually read on paper and complete questionnaires etc

Skype group tasks: Complete video review session

Video tasks: Finish There Will be Homework episode 7

Strategy tasks: Continue reading Applications of NLHE

Hand analysis tasks:
- Post 2 or more hands to Run it Once
- Post daily on Run it Once

Admin tasks:
- Set up Starts bet-size buttons
- Set up HEM hotkeys
- Add squeeze stat to HUD