Week 4

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Week 4

Last week's goals:

Hand volume: >10k hands
Cleared, nearly 12k.

Mental game tasks: Listen to an hour of the Mental Game of Poker 2 audiobook
Done, listened to > an hour.

Video tasks: Watch There Will be Homework episode 6

Strategy tasks: Make a strategy for facing shortstack 3bets
Didn't do it (again!). I've started scheduling my weeks again and have learned very quickly that tasks that don't have specific time scheduled don't get done. Not that fussed though - have realised that this really isn't the most pressing strategy item that I should be working on - have a new one for this week that I'll actually allocate specific time for.

Hand history tasks: Post >1 hand on our forum, post daily on Deucescracked
Did ok with posting on here but still no posting on Deucescracked. Again I didn't allocate time, so was pretty much guaranteed not to happen. Will allocate time this week (every morning). Will actually check out a few different forums as there are others out there that might be better (RunItOnce looks to be pretty good).

This week's goals:

Hand volume: >10k hands

Mental game tasks: Finish Mental Game of Poker 2 audiobook
Going to burn through the audiobook (definitely recommend checking it out. Focused on 'getting in the zone' and playing your best more often, rather than just dealing with the negatives of the mental game like the first book). Once finished with it I'm going to actually read the first one (only listened to the audiobook so far and you can't really take it all in that way), go through the tasks that he recommends, fill in the questionnaire etc etc)

Video tasks: Watch There Will be Homework episode 7

Hand history / review tasks:
1) Join another poker forum (maybe RunItOnce)
2) Post > 2 hands to forums
3) Go through my session video with Daryl

Strategy tasks: Increase my exploititative adjustments
Got really familiar with my basic strategy and now want to pick some spots to tweak that (e.g. cold-calling wider IP versus bad players, 3betting more versus people with high Ft3b)

Also going to play the VIP freerolls next Saturday (despite previously complaining about how lame freerolls are) because these ones are the monthly ones and have $20k / $30k added.

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Re: Week 4

I'll make this quick as I have just bought www.pokervagabond.org and have wordpress installed...thus this forum should be moving soon! (once I figure all the shit out)

Failed my goals from last week as I had a pretty mental week. However I understand that I need to allocate time a lot more efficiently. Still managed 25 hours. Watched my videos. worked on the blog. Still need to be more focused (this post sums that up perfectly)